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A Heartbeat Away

In Frederick, Maryland, a suburban father drives through a blizzard toward the top of a mountain, the booze from a night of binge drinking still coursing through his system as he thinks of his teenage daughter’s midnight phone call, and her desperate plea for help.

At a beach on the Delaware Bay, a decorated state police officer grips the gun in her purse and stares up at the stars as her lover prattles on about the time they’ll both serve for drug trafficking and murder once their scheme is exposed.

At a low-rent East Hollywood, California apartment complex, a man watches his five-year-old son bob around the pool in a half-inflated float and realizes, just now, the lengths his ex-wife has taken to retain custody of their boy.

Welcome to my world. A place where good and bad people take desperate measures to stay alive, protect the people they love and – in most cases – get away with some pretty terrible crimes. That’s the best way to summarize the short stories and novel excerpts you can read in the Mysteries section of this blog.

If you’re interested in stories driven more by emotions along with a twist or two, you might enjoy the Life Stories. And then there are the Kid Stories that I’m tackling on occasion to see if I’ve got what it takes to write Young Adult fiction.

You can also find reviews of some of my favorite books at the Writer’s Club link.

I always enjoy hearing from readers – so please post comments if you’re inclined to do so, or feel free to connect with me online through Facebook, Twitter or email at I hope you’ll return to this blog from time to time for news and reviews of my novel, FATAL OPTION, which will be published by Post Hill Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster in February of 2017. Thanks.