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Life’s rarely easy, but it’s usually worth living. These stories are driven by the challenges and rewards and enigmas of relationships with family, friends, adversaries and lovers. Read them here on my blog.

f-Snow Dunes Beach 1.22.2014_1940


Helen stood at the foot of the steep stairs that led to her attic, and reconsidered the risk of going up. There was a handrail she could grasp all the way to the top, relieving some of the strain on her wobbly knees.

But coming down . . .

She saw herself in the minutes ahead, both of her arms wrapped around the old cardboard box that she had to retrieve, which was awkwardly shaped and difficult to hold on to, setting her up for a hip-shattering tumble if she wasn’t very careful.

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Man in red convertible


They meet at the tennis courts four days a week, reminding me of kids descending on a playground even though they’re all in their 60s or 70s or early 80s. They arrive with straps and wraps to support their knees and elbows, and wide-brimmed caps and sunscreen to protect their lined faces, and stories about doctor visits and grandchildren to be told on the benches while they wait their turns to step into the round-robin play. [Read more]

The Diver 2


Whenever the small feeling hits, Patrick takes deep breaths, clenches and unclenches his fists, and purposefully imagines a billion nuclear missiles obliterating every trace of the virus from the cells of his body.

One, two, three, four; He counts the breaths until the calm settles in. Propped up on one elbow on a towel in the grass outside the city pool, he gazes at the length of his right arm, outstretched and pointed up towards the sky. [Read more]